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Mar 5 2 Comments

Hi Blinders,

Got an onsite email confirmation from Amazon. In the email there was a link to a personal coding link. Can we use vim on that coding link or it’s just plaintext? Also if there’s no vim on it...can I just open up my ide and start coding in vim instead of that link?

After using vim for so’s really hard to code in plain text.


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  • New / Eng pHXp44
    It’s not a test of your editor configuration or preference. It would be wise for you to get comfortable writing code in any editor because you often won’t be in your preferred setup. Hell, at my onsite, I *had* to use the whiteboard on one of them.
    Mar 5 0
  • Amazon / Eng Qttg64
    The link is to a thing that shares the doc between you and the interviewer, so unfortunately no vim, and if you open up your own vim they won't be able to see
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