Amazon reject after on-site

May 20 10 Comments

I had an on-site for Amazon PM role at Seattle and the recruiter emailed “they rejected me for this position but the hiring team believe I have a place in Amazon and asked to apply for different positions if anything interests me.”

Does this mean I can be considered for a different position or do I need to wait for six months to apply again?

Any Amazonian’s advice on this will be great, if they consider for other positions can I get a referral too.



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  • Amazon / Eng redmirror
    Most likely that they like your leadership skills and it's possible that they consider you may be better fit for other roles - PM in different product, SDE, TPM etc.
    What's your background?
    May 20 2
    • OP
      That’s exactly she said, they like the leadership and skills. I applied for a PM role in operations. My background is in logistics and supply chain.
      May 20
    • Amazon / Eng redmirror
      Usually it's good to get in with the same field and switch to one you like within a year or two.
      May 20
  • Amazon sJFH60
    This is called a reject and recycle. They think you hit the bar but not a good fit for the team you applied for. You should apply for a different team. Congrats on meeting the bar.
    May 20 1
  • Amazon


    Apply for operation manager role
    May 20 1
    • OP
      Isn’t it kind of low?
      May 20
  • Nvidia creamcake
    They'll never talk to you again unfortunately... dirty af
    May 20 0
  • New Kora
    You should ask your recruiter. Don't give up!
    May 20 0
  • Amazon Stevebezos
    Find other jobs you think are a good fit, apply on the website and email them directly to the recruiter.
    May 20 0

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