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New jCXY01
Apr 9 2 Comments

I interviewed with AWS for an L6 Senior Technical Program Manager (TPM) role. Just talked to the recruiter and he said I'm "definitely an Amazonian" and the team loved me. Just not for that role. 🙄

I have a meeting with the hiring manager to talk about a PM-T role they're opening up. Anything I should know about possibly hiring in as a PM-T versus a TPM? Based on my interview, they thought my skills would be a better match for a PM-T role.

The recruiter also said that he can put me in touch with other groups who are looking for similar roles. They want to hire me - just looking for the right place. Any reason not to do this?

Any advice in general on TPM v PM-T roles at AWS?

yoe: 20+


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  • Cisco / Product U there
    🙀? Are you sure PM-T is lower payband compare to TPM @ Amazon?
    Apr 11 0
  • Amazon / Eng scoops34
    The job title means close to jack shit.
    Pretty sure PM-Ts do the exact same stuff, but might be a slightly lower payband #frugality

    I'd like for somebody to correct me if I'm wrong, but fairly certain PMs, TPMs, PM-Ts, and even product owners do roughly the same thing: requirements gathering
    Apr 9 0