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Shape Security / Eng yCiH57
May 22 11 Comments

Rejected from Amazon l5 thrice onsite and once telephonic.

1st attempt: I think i messed up the design rounds. Wasn't prepared much.

2nd attempt: Messed up the 14 principles. Did really good in coding and descent in design.

3rd attempt: Recruiter send me for wrong position. I am a cloud backend eng and I was asked typical Android questions. Unfortunate.

4th attempt: Rejected on call. The interviewer was late and then gave a really big question to fill up 5 different methods. I was doing pretty well and gave him the best approach in the starting as I thought not to waste time in giving different approaches.

Now receiving call for l4. Looks like thats what I should target. Need tips for Amazon Principles. Still not confident enough for questions like tell me about a time.....

Total exp 3.5 years. 1 yr in US.


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  • Amazon allinon
    Follow the STAR format in your answers. Don't be verbose. Be as clear as possible in communication. Give examples of work ONLY if you have worked on it. Many times we get answers that fit LPs perfectly but when we dig in with more questions we can tell that the candidate is trying to come up with a story. As a preparation, list down examples of things you have worked on in your career and try to summarize them into - what was the problem you were trying to solve .. what was the action you took -- what was the end result!Try to tie it to LP. If you don't have an experience that fits a particular LP, be honest and tell the interviewer so that s/he can move onto some other LP.
    May 22 3
    • IBM / Eng LeavingIBM
      Do they explicitly ask for examples of LP? Like would interviewer say "give me an example of when you were frugal"? I thought the questions were more disguised?
      May 22
    • New / IT BcDM68
      What is LP?
      May 22
    • Amazon


      seattle transplant. lived across the world. 1st place where I haven't made friends as yet 😐 the freeze is real
      No they won't be so specific as to tell you what LP they are focussed on. However you can generally guess based on the way the question is worded
      May 22
  • Facebook ⭕w⭕
    The reason you keep failing is because you call it telephonic.
    May 22 2
    • Shape Security / Eng yCiH57
      R u finding grammatical mistakes ?
      May 22
    • Amazon / Eng cvbnm
      That's call screening round.. But it's not at all the reason behind anyone's failure.
      May 23
  • Amazon BlueAvian
    When giving LP examples, use STAR format, be specific and concise, and make your role in the situation clear.

    When asked a coding or system design question, ask clarifying questions up front to disambiguate and find the bounds of the problem. Give your thought process aloud, so that we know how you're approaching the problem and can give you hints if you get stuck.

    The easier it is for us to gather good data points, the more we can gather in the limited time available, and the easier it will be for us to be confident in making a hiring decision.

    Source: Am an L5 SDE interviewer with 70+ interviews.
    May 22 0
  • Amazon / Eng 1099-B
    Remember that faang recruiting process leans towards failing a good candidate instead of hiring a bad one.
    For LPs make a list of everything you worked on. Find sample lp questions online and practice. Focus on what you did, not what your team or company did.
    May 22 0
  • Cisco VChr123
    OP what is the interval between each attempt? Isn’t there a cool off period?
    May 22 1
    • Amazon allinon
      Cool off period is based on the performance of the candidate. If s/he shows a good fit for Amazon but not for the position, we recycle the resume to a different one. If the interview results are terrible, only then there is a 1 to 2 year cool off period
      May 22


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