Amazon vs Apple vs Linkedin vs Uber most prestigious brand on resume?

Glassdoor ktWT05g
Feb 12 13 Comments

T :220k



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  • LinkedIn firedd
    Wtf apple? Depends on your role. Hardware yes apple but software no
    Feb 12 4
    • Lyft TEHm35
      Why though ? The only notable piece of software that has come from LinkedIn is Kafka - while Apple has LLVM, the original khtml gecko browser engine - which was then used in chrome , HLS .. Not sure why Apple gets a bad rep for software ..
      Feb 12
    • New ktFx33
      Feb 12
    • Kafka,samza,helix,gobblin,etc. Linkedin is much smaller too so there should be less stuff you hear of due to size.
      Feb 12
    • Lyft TEHm35
      You can release a bunch of crappy os projects - none of those projects compare to clang or khtml in terms of impact - I am not even talking about Darwin and other awesome internal tools they have ..
      Feb 12
  • LinkedIn harveyswe
    This is exactly what is wrong with the world: The best company by far based on many criteria, which is LinkedIn, is voted last among other options.
    Feb 12 1
    • Homeaway skinnyguy
      You heard it here boys and girls, the problem with our world today is this mans criteria of what a good company is. Shame on you, world!
      Feb 12
  • OpenTable Meliodas
    Uber’s ethics problems will cause interviewers to wonder about your ethics.
    Feb 12 2
    • Twitch / Product CP0
      Feb 12
    • Amazon imaven
      You get the prize for the most absurd comment of the day. Congrats.
      Feb 12
  • LinkedIn k7V31z
    The prestige is what you did at those companies, not the name.
    Feb 12 0
  • This is just a popularity contest. I've never seen someone move from linkedin to amazon, but opposite is common.
    Feb 12 0
  • New WmjF76
    For Apple, it really depends on the team. LinkedIn’s infrastructure org has good reputation too. Uber seems to be overall strong engineering brand compared to others. Personally, I would choose based on the team, work and TC.
    Feb 12 0