Amazon vs Google onsite

Oracle WwPt88
Mar 4 7 Comments

Which is one more difficult?
What's with all the leadership principles at Amazon on sites ? Are they a deal breaker?


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  • Microsoft MwzK56
    Google. Duh!
    Mar 4 0
  • Amazon bOjD60
    I did both. Google focused more on technical depth, Amazon covers a (slightly) broader scope. I actually found Amazon more challenging because of the LPs which was outside my comfort zone.
    Mar 4 4
    • LabCorp / IT

      LabCorp IT

      LPs ?
      Mar 4
    • Amazon sC00byD00
      Leadership principles
      Mar 4
    • New !=faang
      How were the questions related to LPs like? Can you state one? How was the technical questions? What system design question did they ask?
      Mar 4
    • Google topCon
      Just google LPs and prepare answers. About a million times easier than 200 LC questions.
      Mar 4
  • Microsoft msboy
    Leadership principles is just behavioral questions. They are easy if you have relevant experience to talk about. Just make sure to prepare enough examples
    Mar 4 0


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