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Amazon jazzy111
Jul 31 15 Comments

Hi, I joined Amazon a year back. In a year, I build a end to end service, which is used by one internal team. Since it is a internal team, my work is not that impactful according to my manager. But I have done lots of things to improve code quality within the team. As we don't have any SDE 3 and some reason SDE 2 are not focused on writing "Object Oriented code" and focused on delivery. I believe that's Amazon culture. The technical guidance which I wanted is missing, that's what I feel. If I write the same quality of the code, which I was writing a year ago, then I am not learning anything. Also, I try to look at the other projects, and learn from them. But it is time consuming and I am not sure whether I am using it correctly or not. I was thinking two options.
1. Change the team within Amazon. As within next 12-18 months, there is high possibility of getting promoted.
2. Change the company, and join Google.

I would like to know your thoughts on it.


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  • NVIDIA wagecuck
    Object oriented code is so 1990
    Jul 31 2
  • Facebook dn3672
    If you have google offer, why are you even staying at Amazon
    Jul 31 2
    • Amazon jazzy111
      Both offers are almost similar, there is high chances that I will get promoted in a year in Amazon, but that's not true with the Google.
      Jul 31
    • Google / Eng iamhal
      You'll also get pipped
      Jul 31
  • Facebook / Eng mturtle
    Do you only have 1 yoe? If so you will get T3 at Google (equivalent to SDE1). They promotion process with take at least 19months. I would try switching teams, make it to SDE2 then join google at T4.
    Jul 31 1
    • Amazon jazzy111
      Currently I have only 1 yoe
      Jul 31
  • Expedia Group anony๐Ÿญ.
    Google would be a better choice overall.
    Jul 31 0
  • Apple / Eng jYf7sa0m
    If you are looking for technical guidance at google, you are going to be disappointed
    Jul 31 1
  • Oracle / IT

    Oracle IT

    Microsoft, Amazon, Goldman Sachs
    Switch teams with in Amazon, I am ex-amazon PM me for suggestions on switching teams
    Jul 31 0
  • Google topCon
    Google. Duh.
    Jul 31 0
  • Microsoft


    Moosejaw, Google
    Beware of elves
    Switch teams!
    Jul 31 0
  • Intel / Eng piLG71
    If you have high confidence on interviews and google will hire you, then no reason not to switch ASAP. Otherwise prepare for interviews and learn as much as you can at current position.
    Jul 31 0


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