Amazon vs Microsoft

New Kykp05
Sep 28 10 Comments

Both of them in EU same city.

Amazon Offer TC: 123K euros
Microsoft Offer TC: 140K euros

Both of them required to be on call, both positions seem good.

Microsoft offered later after I signed for Amazon.

I’m confused, people here don't like Amazon but I am not sure if it is that bad in Europe as well. Will it be a dick move to tell Amazon no, after signing contract?


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  • New aUWB75
    Screw Amazon and join Microsoft
    Sep 28 0
  • PwC OS/2
    No it won’t be a dick move. Amazon can fire you on the first day of employment, so it’s fair. You have not committed to a person but to a company m. Companies have no morals to worry about
    Sep 28 0
  • Zynga parott
    Which city is it ?
    Sep 28 0
  • Microsoft tybfxbj
    What is the position and level?
    Sep 28 3
    • Microsoft tybfxbj
      And does it include stocks?
      Sep 28
    • New Kykp05
      It includes stocks, Sde2 l5
      Sep 28
    • Microsoft tybfxbj
      It’s a good compensation
      Sep 28
  • Microsoft tybfxbj
    As for dick move - it’s most likely illegal to reject if you signed already. Read your contract carefully they normally say you cannot break contract before employment starts.
    Sep 28 0
  • Amazon TiCi
    This sounds high for europe, I’d presume it’s a more senior role so in that case I’d be more concerned about what you’ll be working on and culture fit than the TC.

    Culture wise, Amazon is more like the working cultures in US and east Asia while Microsoft is more like Europe.
    Sep 28 0
  • New icastle
    Not good, go for google
    Sep 28 0


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