American Express Phoenix office

Deloitte hwJj06
Sep 4 10 Comments

Hi All,

any insights from former american express employee on the culture there ?
I have an offer from them and dont really know what to expect and how is the culture there.
are they diverse or inclusive to certain ethnicity ?
the position is in database and data warehousing area


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  • American Express D.BCooper
    Yes, networking and showing off your work is how to advance here.

    Phoenix is like ~80% Indian. My team is slow and projects take a while to finish.

    Amex is a retirement shop and the business side skews older. So workload to pay maybe great.
    Sep 4 4
    • Deloitte hwJj06
      Thanks for the tips. Honestly not sure how to feel about the second sentence as some people usually have the tendency to abuse it in a sense of favoring each other if that makes sense. Would it be possible to connect privately ?
      Sep 4
    • American Express XztK47
      Can confirm what DB said. Also, food in the cafe is incredibly mediocre.
      Sep 4
    • American Express D.BCooper
      Yeah you can DM your questions Deloitte.
      Sep 4
    • American Express / IT

      American Express IT

      Cognizant, Infosys
      I completely agree with D.BCooper. its complete show off business here in Phoenix Amex. Does not matter which team you belong to, need to constantly sell yourself to go up in the ladder. WLB is great. I am current SE1 in Amex
      Sep 14
  • American Express
    On a high level it's very diverse and inclusive but networking is key if you want to climb the ladder.

    Sep 4 1
    • Deloitte hwJj06
      Thanks! Are you ex Amex ?
      Sep 4
  • American Express
    It totally depends on the organization and the team you will be part of
    Sep 4 0
  • Deloitte hwJj06
    Unfortunately all the interview has been done through webex. As for the questions! I did ask but as you know every company sell you strawberry meanwhile you’ll find out after sometime that you bought oranges. Guess I have to push for onsite meeting or walk around
    Sep 4 0
  • Intel


    No AMEX experience but curious how you got to offer stage without asking or learning about expectations or culture etc? Did you not interview with many employees and ask tons of questions? Do an onsite and walk around the office? Ask to speak with a couple future teammates before accepting.
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