Amex Risk Management

Citibank / Data XQUJ58
Sep 18 6 Comments

Has Amex stopped sponsoring H1 for positions in risk management?


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TOP 6 Comments
  • American Express vista133
    Not at all below director level. From Director it is possible
    Sep 19 1
    • American Express / IT kingchiru
      Hmm may be. Not sure about those particular details. But they have reduced H1 Sponsoring a lot, that’s for sure !
      Sep 19
  • American Express / Eng mac1025
    They do sponsor based on urgency and exceptions... they reduced sponsorship overall
    Sep 19 0
  • American Express / Data SMGS54
    They are sponsoring for certain roles. They hired couple of candidates on my team who will require sponsorship next year.
    Sep 19 0
  • American Express / IT kingchiru
    Yes !
    Sep 19 0
  • American Express / IT kingchiru
    Don’t know about risk management but in general they have reduced sponsoring H1 candidates.
    Sep 19 0


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