An Open Letter to Microsoft to oppose i1000 of Washington state

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Aug 27 5 Comments

I receive the following open letter from one of the campaigns that opposes i1000. I do not want to circulate it in company network for fear of political retribution and hence I post it here. I think it is well written and hope people can take a look.

An Open Letter to Microsoft

Diversity of ideas is critical to any organization, and diversity comes in many forms – age, race, gender, experiences, background, and heritage, just to name a few. As businesses, to effectively reflect our communities, we must make sure our hiring practices allow us to include people from many types of backgrounds and experiences, as well as consideration for qualification. We must also work to provide opportunities for individuals of every age, race or ethnicity who might need better social resources to help them to achieve their American Dream. But one thing we cannot do as a society is to create laws like Initiative 1000 that allow for discrimination based on specific characteristics. Deciding who gets to have special rules that apply to one group but not another is divisive in nature and will not unite the people of this state. There are many anti-discrimination laws that should be fully enforced, and as a society, we must reject discrimination wherever it is found. But putting a law into place that actually encourages discrimination is not the right answer. In fact, many Microsoft employees personally donated a total of almost $150,000 to oppose this measure. Please do what you can to add your voice to those of your employees and REJECT I-1000. We must continue to work together to create a society that values the individual and fosters the ideals that are the foundations of our country.


Let People Vote /Reject R-88


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  • Zillow Group asdfghjlk
    Microsoft, Starbucks, Boeing and other big corporations played a despicable role in 1998 when the I-200 was passed by the voters 58:42.

    Do you think they will do anything different this time around?
    Aug 27 1
    • Amazon hx129
      I heard Microsoft/Amazon testified before i1000 passed in April at the state congress in support of this law. I just hope they don't donate millions to campaign for i1000 in Oct/Nov. That would be really depressing for folks who work there and does not like this law (and there are many). I really hope companies can stay out of these political hot button issues.
      Aug 27
  • Amazon hx129
    So far on 8/19 Microsoft donated 20,000 dollars to support i1000.
    Aug 28 1
  • Groupon / Eng sleepy
    Microsoft employees are donating against the bill.
    Aug 30 0


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