Analytics at Consulting companies

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Data Scientist
Dec 18, 2017 6 Comments

Thoughts on Analytics work at companies like McK, ATK?
Should one go for it or avoid it like the plague?


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  • Thumbtack oHVS26
    Haven’t worked there, but just the job description for those positions at those companies makes me wanna puke. Full of jargon and buzzwords
    Dec 18, 2017 1
    • Thumbtack oHVS26
      While making sure you’re taking a 10,000 foot perspective, zooming in on the right questions and jumping through multiple hoops all the while doing deep dives on artificial intelligence in the cloud. Finally, you socialize the deck with all the value-add and reposition your solution to the client, who is going to synergize and reap billion dollar efficiencies at scale.
      Dec 18, 2017
  • BCG XETo72
    Come to BCG - data scientists are treated as equals here ;)
    Dec 27, 2017 0
  • McKinsey / Consultant

    McKinsey Consultant

    I travel for my job & collect points
    Honestly don’t do it unless you have no choice. You are second class citizens compared to the consultants. And we are experiencing layoffs right now in my Analytics team because the consultants don’t see value in our work
    Dec 18, 2017 0
  • New VGrb82
    What about the specialized analytics branches? I’ve seen postings for BCG Gamma and Lighthouse (KPMG) with descriptions that make me think the people who wrote them have a clue about data science, predictive modeling, etc.
    Jun 2, 2018 0