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Comcast / Product nash389
Jul 14 7 Comments

I’ve been promoted to Senior Product Manager - Analytics recently and working on Xfinity WIFI Analytics. This is my second promotion in last 4 years and I’m very excited about my new job.
However, it’s always my dream to get a job in Google and work for a company that literally helping the entire world move forward. I’m really passionate about google and its futuristic projects.

Could someone please help me with referral in Analytics field at Google..?

I’m even ready to accept a Analytics Lead/Manager position by giving up my prominent Product Manager title(prominent at least in my company)

YOE: 9
SQL: Superior
Stats: Good
Modeling & Machine Learning: Very Good


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  • Seagate toti420
    Google would downgrade you. May not be worth it.
    Jul 14 2
    • Neurocrine gomv61
      Why do you say that?
      Jul 14
    • Seagate toti420
      Just about every comparison post here shows Google’s offer is one level lower. For example, FB E5 offer vs. Google’s L4. Plenty of such posts asking whether they should take Google’s lower level because it’s Google. It seems to me that people worship Google and Google knows it. Therefore, Google has very little incentive to be generous with their offers, because everyone wants to join Google. Unfortunately for the new folks that ship already sailed. Google is already an established giant. Promotions are hard to come by, and doing significant work is also hard at Google. All these reasons support my claim
      Jul 14
  • Cisco not-stacy
    Wtf?? Senior product manager at 9yoe is awesome - why would you want to be doing shit grunt work?
    Jul 14 0
  • Comcast / Product nash389
    The reason I wanted to switch is that Google is a huge brand value through out the world and it helps me in future to ascend in ladder.

    If you look at the corporate C title people, most of them have either coming from Ivy League or worked in the past at companies like Google.
    Jul 17 2
    • Cisco not-stacy
      Yes that’s true when google was prestigious from their engineering perspective.. now - whatever level you join in at, be prepared to wait years and years for a promotion and that will probably be the only one
      Jul 17
    • Comcast / Product nash389
      Thanks for the inputs.
      My plan is not to prolong my career at Google instead add Google to my profile so that it bolsters my early promotion as a Product Manager as well as gives me mileage when I apply for big titles at other companies in future. BTW, if I get a job, I’ll definitely work for few years until I felt like I added a good value though.

      Not sure if I made myself clear but this is what my plan at this point.
      Jul 17