Annotators in each company

Google cilo
May 9 5 Comments

Hey guys,

I heard that there is an annotation team (labelling images or languages for preparing training data) at companies like Google, Apple, Amazon, and Huawei.

Do you know or have any idea about how many people in this team?


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TOP 5 Comments
  • Flipkart / Eng silentass
    Google, Apple, Amazon and "Huawei". The bar just dropped.
    May 9 2
    • Google cilo
      wanted to include one chinese company to see if there is any difference against US
      May 9
    • Amazon


      Huawei’s bar def higher than Amazon.....
      May 9
  • Google Methane
    They're usually contractors hired through a vendor. FB has or had an on-site team when I was there in addition to vendors.
    May 9 0
  • New paulus
    Depends they can go to upto 1k or more depending on the training data.
    May 9 0