Another Referral Thread

Veritas ref123
Feb 10 16 Comments

I’m looking for referrals at following places:

Walmart Labs

I’ve done 400 LeetCode problems and already have an offer from one of the big companies plus few other offers. If anyone can refer me at one of the above mentioned places, it would be great help.

YOE: 5 and interested in backend development positions.


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TOP 16 Comments
  • Salesforce Parisian
    DM for Salesforce
    Feb 10 4
    • Flipkart Csfbbgf
      Hi, can I also DM you for referral in salesforce UK office?
      Feb 24
    • Salesforce Parisian
      Sure, as long as you can find an open position there:)
      Feb 24
    • Flipkart Csfbbgf
      Didn't find one in UK, but found some in Canada.
      Feb 25
    • Flipkart Csfbbgf
      I thought salesforce has engineering presence in London as well.
      Feb 25
  • Pandora .
    Do you mind sharing details of how you finished 400 problems on LC ?
    How many per day and other strategies that would help a lot of folks here ?
    Feb 10 2
    • Veritas ref123
      Took 4-5 months. Didn’t have a lot of work related responsibilities in last 2-3 months so went all in.
      Feb 10
    • how many med and hard out of 400 LC?
      Feb 12
  • Zillow Group eSdM58
    Dm me for zillow
    Feb 11 1
    • Zillow Group / Eng anKW36
      Damn! Beat me to it!
      Feb 11
  • Veritas UpForIt
    If you already have offers from big name then why ask? Greedy pig !!
    Feb 11 1
    • Zillow Group / Eng anKW36
      Please! It’s not like they is hoarding jobs, they will only take one. When they says no the other companies will just extend an offer to someone else.

      And everyone knows you get lowballed without competing offers from similar paying companies.
      Feb 11
  • Lyft human!
    You can dm me for a lyft referral
    Feb 10 1
    • Flipkart Csfbbgf
      What is level 5 autonomous driving lyft in london office? Is it the hierarchy level or different naming choice?
      Feb 24
  • Twilio / Eng WWVF4
    I can help with Twilio
    Mar 1 0
  • Nutanix kFWK67
    You can DM me for Nutanix referral.
    Feb 10 0