Answering questions about your "current" job when you've just been laid off

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Oct 10 7 Comments

Scenario: Been laid off, now appearing for interviews. While the process started I was still working but not showing up at work so technically I was still employed.

But once we are past the final termination date, how do I answer questions such as - what do you do at your current role/company?

Should I just not being my ended employment at all and talk about stuff like I still work there? Or should I use past tense but still not being it up? Or should I just be upfront and let them know.

Follow up for my Visa bros - how do I answer the question "what is your Visa status" if I'm on the 60 day grace period?


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  • Facebook neco
    Your resume doesn't have to be updated as of the interview. It just has to be true as of your submission. Background checks make you fill out dates of employment. By that time you'll have signed your offer so they won't even pay attention to that. All they want from the background check is a yay or nay
    Oct 10 0
  • New / Eng sim0052
    Depends on what your resume says. If you're interviewing and resume says present for your current job, fuck it just act like you're still there. Otherwise don't. Who cares.
    Oct 10 3
    • PayPal / Eng v3nm0
      That's more so the reason for this question - does anyone care? Especially the recruiter and/or the immigration team?
      Oct 10
    • New / Eng sim0052
      They only care if they catch you. If it's a convo you don't want to have, then dont have it
      Oct 10
    • NBCUniversal lng12
      OP, be careful because they might call to check with your employer as part of the background check (to verify what you put in your resume)
      Oct 10
  • You don’t need to explicitly mention your current status unless directly asked..always talk in terms of At Amazon I have done x,y,z. Also, you can say you were let go due to lay offs in the team
    Oct 12 0
  • OpenTable Meliodas
    Tell the truth. Companies don’t want people that lie during interviews.

    If you are no longer employed there, say so when asked.
    Oct 11 0


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