Any Google Play Music engineers here?

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Jul 25, 2017 3 Comments

I love GPM and think it's far superior to Spotify, Amazon and Apple. The ability to load your own music into the cloud and allow it to be played on any of your devices is great for someone like me who has lots of live concert bootlegs.

But the Playlist are annoying. The Shuffle feature on a playlist with a few hundred songs isn't very good. You'll hear the same artists one after another when you have dozens of artists in the same playlist. I see this in the mobile and desktop apps.

Related, the desktop Playlist management on desktop is frustrating as it constantly refreshes. If you're going through dozens or hundreds of songs and multi selecting to add or delete them the Playlist refreshes and everything you've selected is unselected again. So I do ten smaller tasks rather than one big one.

Anyone else use GPM and know what I'm referring to?


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  • Uber / Eng astrodog
    I'm a huge fan of GPM solely for the same reason - uploading your own music to the cloud is an amazing feature. I haven't had the issue you mentioned, but I've had countless other quality problems though, mainly with the iOS app. Includes:
    - crashing all the time during playback, which has happened for months now
    - swipe to delete deletes the wrong song (come on google, off by one errors?)
    - album art not always preserved with uploader
    - music discovery features are much weaker
    - no good social features

    Honestly, the only thing Google play music has going for it over Spotify is the upload your own music thing. I actually pay for both - Spotify to discover, gpm as a source of truth. But if Spotify would just get cloud uploads I'd be gone in a second. Gpm doesn't even have an official desktop app.
    Jul 25, 2017 0
  • Treez / Design vPaM70
    I really hate the disorganization of gpm. They without much rational show huge square images of artist and albums in a list when it would be 10x easier to view in a simple table/column view
    Aug 11, 2017 0
  • Treez / Design vPaM70
    Spotify had it's in problems but they are slowly course correcting, i feel like people are starting to look at them for cues. I feel like in some ways NY is out of the app design appecenture but in other ways it's an be advantage because if you're a skill designer you'll end up at one of the big guys in town.
    Aug 11, 2017 0


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