Any SpaceX Full Stack SWEs out there?

Google tvFG45
Apr 5 28 Comments

Been at Google >6 years, L4, $270k TC.
Looking at the open Sr Full Stack SWE position:

My questions are:
- What's it like? Are you happy, or thinking about leaving?
- What are the working hours like? I see other SWE position listings say "Willing to work extended hours and weekends when needed" under the "Additional Requirements" section, which the Full Stack position does not have. Does that actually imply fewer hours? I'm comfortable working 45-50hrs a week but 55+ regularly would be rough.
- What's the pay like? I'm assuming I would have to take a massive pay cut- is that correct, or could SpaceX actually be competitive with $270k?



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  • Facebook Probe
    You're too soft to work for SpaceX if you think 55 hours / wk is "rough".
    Apr 5 8
    • Just came here to say that I highly respect you wanting to work for something that matters. Google and Facebook are definitely not in that category
      Apr 5
    • Dropbox systest
      Will switching teams at G help? Moving to spacex may not increase your TC.
      Apr 5
    • Google tvFG45
      I've thought about switching teams at G, but not sure where I could switch to. One thing that really inspires me about SpaceX is that they've clearly laid out their milestones and target dates and have been making rapid progress towards those milestones while simultaneously being transparent about the challenges they face. I'm interested in Waymo, but they're totally opaque. Their end goal is a self-driving car service, and I think that's great, but even internally they don't share milestones or target dates, and definitely not the challenges they face. I have no idea if they're actually making progress or not, and definitely have no idea of if or when they'll launch. Maybe that's what I'm really looking for in a job:
      1. Clearly defined goal that will benefit others in some tangible way.
      2. Set of milestones with target dates.
      3. Clear progress towards those milestones.
      4. Being open about challenges.

      And that's hard to find at Google unfortunately.
      Apr 6
    • SpaceX SlaveX420
      Target dates are a joke. They change wildly based on Elons whims and how much money we have left. There's not a lot of transparency inside SpaceX we learn things from Elons Twitter feed then later laugh about how much its twisted BS. Clear progress... if Elon didnt keep changing his is mind we would be a lot further along.
      Apr 17
    • Google tvFG45
      SlaveX, if you dislike it so much, why don't you leave? Or, have you left but you're keeping the "SpaceX" tag on Blind?
      Apr 18
  • LinkedIn


    Goldman Sachs
    They pay way less, work way more, 100 hours is not unheard of. They work for the mission and passion, you need to share the same belief and work style as Elon.
    Apr 5 1
    • Amazon / R&D

      Amazon R&D

      Yup, they certainly don’t work for the TC
      Apr 5
  • SpaceX Elon'sMusk
    Most people are pretty content with their jobs as long as they know what they signed up for. You'd definitely be expected to work 55+. The pay won't be competitive with Google.
    Apr 5 10
    • Google tvFG45
      Ah haha gotcha. So on an average weekday, do you have any free time? Or is it wake up, go to work, come home, go to bed? Any different on the weekends?
      Apr 5
    • SpaceX Elon'sMusk
      Average day can feel like that, yes - not necessarily all the time though. Weekends are mostly very light but can be quite a lot depending on timeline and launch dates.
      Apr 5
    • Google tvFG45
      Cool, makes sense. And I appreciate all the responses. I'll hold off on applying right now though. I bought a house fairly recently and have been putting 15-20hrs/week into it, and I really enjoy having that time. Once I get the major projects wrapped up I should have significantly more free time and working 55-60hrs/week should be doable.
      Apr 5
    • Uber / Eng lil Blind
      Yea I mean I’d value SpaceX stock much higher relatively than Google’s, so we’re probably still be talking about higher TC if it’s 75% current FMV.
      Apr 5
    • SpaceX / Eng plokjimnb
      They can actually match your current TC level but at least a third will be just on paper with no idea when liquidity events will happen or when it zeroes out. And future comp will totally depend on the equity holdings - they don't go too far up from there. We pick up engineers from FANG often you wouldn't be alone
      Apr 11
  • Tesla Xk28z
    Elon companies average 70-80, speaking from experience
    Apr 5 0
  • Facebook whodattt
    6 yrs at google and L4... Curious did you never try to get to L5?
    Apr 5 1
    • Google tvFG45
      TBH took me forever to get form L3 to L4. On track to be L5 in the fall.
      Apr 5
  • Salesforce / Eng MGWX55
    I interviewed there about a year ago. I would suggest brushing up on python if you’re unfamiliar. I didn’t have much experience with it and was told it was a factor in not receiving an offer.
    Apr 5 0
  • Credit Karma wjs
    I think it’s a really bad move.

    Hawthorne isn’t a particularly convenient location either.
    Apr 5 0
  • Amazon / Eng utstddr
    There is also Bezos' Blue Origin in Renton.
    Apr 5 0


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