Any advice on moving from tech to finance?

KLA-Tencor cnYM14
May 31 24 Comments

What sort of questions they ask? what to practise? assume data engineer, quant dev. Also what is range tc? Any such opportunities in bay area or sf?


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  • BlackRock xfs312
    If you like tech and engineering, don’t do it. Finance company only want the work done, in tech companies you really enjoy the tech part.
    Jun 2 8
    • Jane Street Capital ddjfbf
      Jun 2
    • State Street Corporation / Eng HsOm43
      Jun 2
    • Capital One NoKidding
      Jun 2
    • Navy Federal Credit Union / IT masti
      +5 Finance loves ITIL for managing tech, if you don’t want to work in a suffocating bureaucracy modeled on failed management paradigms don’t go to Finance
      Jun 3
    • Chase / Eng 8==D~

      Some teams on some companies are doing interesting stuff, but is unlikely that you’ll get into those teams because those opportunities are so rare.

      Likely you’ll be a Java code monkey getting paid 1/3 of what you could get at almost any good tech company.
      Jun 3
  • don't commit career suicide.
    you will be slave of business and you will feel like working for BPO if on support. Rule of these companies: Don't touch the code base if it's somehow working.
    I have been trying to get out of finance for year long and finally getting out of it.
    Jun 2 2
    • Barclays PLC FAANGHNTER
      We have been tasked to rewrite an application to SQL stored procedures from Java because the lead does not read Java. Now OP gets an idea.
      Jun 3
    • wow... that's like a whole new level... lol..
      Jun 3
  • FutureAdvisor LJvg50
    Funny that I see another BlackRock employee saying that they only want the work done. I work there, and it must depend on your team, because there are good ones too.

    Obviously businesses are businesses, and so you have to do work, but if you enjoy doing quality work, there are absolutely opportunities to enjoy your job.
    Jun 2 3
    • BlackRock xfs312
      Let’s say it’s not about BlackRock and it’s more of a general advice. I worked for a tech company before and I know what I mean. It’s just an honest advice. And I don’t think you got what I meant. Yes, work is work and it got to be done, but if you care about engineering this will be done and discussed in a different way :)
      Jun 2
    • Oracle 🥃stones
      "so you have to do work"

      Seems to me engineering priorities need some... Alignment. Lol
      Jun 2
    • Morgan Stanley

      Morgan Stanley

      Of course there are good ones too, I know the guy who used to work in one. I personally worked for handful of financial institutions and tech companies and financial ones tend to look much less appealing from engineering perspective.
      Jun 2
  • PayPal Roast_Beef
    Why you do this to yourself?
    Jun 2 1
    • BlackRock xfs312
      Right? Hahahaha
      Jun 2
  • Marqeta Marqeta HR
    Fintech is an up and coming hot area for tech that has been lacking innovation for years. It is finally getting the technical and investment attention it needs. Could be some awesome opportunity in FinTech, but maybe you were thinking more traditional finance when you asked?
    Jun 2 2
    • Capital One

      Capital One

      Woman struggling to pass interviews
      You’re not’re the tech in FinTech. Your org is nice but the opinions don’t represent places like betterment and top banking/finance shops
      Jun 2
    • Marqeta Marqeta HR
      I agree. Which is why I asked the question if this was referring to straight finance or fintech. Though even companies like Citibank are starting to invest more in their tech...
      Jun 2
  • Chase / Other foodiefun
    Proceed with caution! It comes down to the team and manager. If you're going for the right reasons, then more power to you!
    Jun 2 0
  • Goldman Sachs fake engineer
    Don't do it unless you're going to be "front office" at a top quant shop paying well above market. Think Citadel, or one of the well known HFT firms. All the banks pay like crap and have horrible tech. If employees are complaining about pay on glass door run away (e.g. AQR).
    Jun 3 0
  • PayPal Roast_Beef
    If in tech (assuming you are a science background person), you move to finance, you'll just be someone serving the trader or sales big shots and you'll be doing their bidding everyday. I was a quant in an ibank and moved from trading floor to tech. Don't think I'm going back anytime soon unless the pay less friggin good (I'm assuming you are going into an ibank)
    Jun 2 0