Any companies disrupting HR or recruiting especially?

Nvidia civil
May 28 11 Comments

Feel like there's opportunity to right a lot of stuff that goes wrong in that sub-sector...


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  • Amazon hot 🍞
    Nothing really goes wrong in HR, it's mostly stupid new grads that don't know what HR does.
    May 28 2
    • Google Mr. GIass
      It's mostly stupid old farts who expect 'what HR does' to remain this way unchallenged.
      May 28
    • Uber domin8
      Pretty much everything is wrong with HR, but it will require multiple bills through Congress to pass
      May 28
  • Honeywell wellHoney
    The problem with these companies is convincing companies they don’t need in house HR or recruiters. And instead pay another company to do it. There’s been recruiting agencies for forever now but it’s really only small companies that usually use them. Bigger companies prefer to have the fine level of control to keep things internal and control them exactly how they like all without having to pay a premium.
    May 28 0
  • Gusto, justworks, adp, workday .. there are several hr disruption companies now. Recruiting too like people have already mentioned. The thing is that there is a cap. You can cater to startups or get the big companies to automate a decent proportion of work but as a company grows, they need human recruiters and hr. So you can go full auto-pilot. You can become like salesforce (which in a way LinkedIn and Adp have become) and compliment the teams but can’t replace them. So can’t truly disrupt, just like you can really disrupt engineering by making a software that auto generates codes to replace engineers.
    May 28 0
  • Microsoft thatguyy
    Checkout Adaface
    May 28 0
  • PayPal icc
    What exactly in recruiting ?

    There are companies like, triplebyte, karat etc that are actually innovating in tech recruiting.
    May 28 0
  • Nutanix hmbsjc1
    What in your opinion needs to be fixed?
    May 29 1
  • New ynhoj
    May 29 0
  • New xzUE84
    Thats a lot of what ATS companies are working on
    May 28 0