Any differences between Amazon santa Cruz location vs Santa Monica or Seattle for Alexa mobile teams?

New TsSx34
Mar 7 9 Comments

I know it's a bit of a vague question... Any amazonians know if one is harder to get into vs the other?


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  • Amazon / Eng

    Amazon Eng

    Electronic Arts
    Nope, they all suck equally
    Mar 7 1
    • New TsSx34
      Lol guess aws is where it's at
      Mar 7
  • Amazon / Eng pawUI
    Neither are super hard to get into. The Santa Cruz office is substantially more chill and intimate but you’ll still work the long hours for an extremely subpar app.
    Mar 13 5
    • Nvidia Inuf25
      Do you work in the Santa Cruz team?
      Apr 13
    • Amazon / Eng pawUI
      Apr 13
    • Nvidia Inuf25
      Nice I heard there are some cool ML teams there, are you on one of them? Also are there any better perks at the Santa Cruz location than Seattle?
      Apr 14
    • Amazon / Eng pawUI
      Perks are free snacks and soda. And like I said really chill office. If you work with SJC offices they are just right over the hill. And if you are on the SC side of the mtn it’s a really easy commute.
      Apr 14
    • New PoloMan
      Whoa, seriously? That sounds perfect, Santa Cruz + chill office + snacks, sounds perfect. Alexa seems cool. I'm working my ass off here at my team in Seattle (AWS), thinking of a switch. Do they do any serious work at SC, or is it just some startup Amazon acquired? How's the growth opportunities? Wanna know if it's worth transferring to
      Apr 15
  • Microsoft Darth G
    It’s a super terrible app for some reason. Please fix kthxbai
    Mar 7 0


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