Any good lab testing service?

Microsoft / Eng mantier
May 26 7 Comments

Can you recommend a good lab testing service for blood work in the Eastside?

Looking for complete blood count and other vitamin essential checks. Would rather do it myself and carry the reports to talk to GP instead of the doc ordering during my annual and not having a chance to talk about it unless I schedule a follow up appointment


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  • OpenTable Meliodas
    It doesn’t work that way. Doctors order the tests.

    If you want the results available when you visit the doctor, have them request the lab work prior to the office visit.
    May 26 2
    • Microsoft / Eng mantier
      There are ones like anylabtestnow that offer testing without a doc ordering. Its in layman language and one can pick and choose the tests. However the catch is they take a week to deliver the results.

      I was looking for something decently quick and also ease of scheduling.
      May 26
    • OpenTable Meliodas
      They have a quack order the tests and insurance may not cover it.

      Quick and easy is to call your doctor and schedule the lab work prior to your office visit. It is also covered by insurance.
      May 26
  • Google / IT

    Google IT

    Google, Microsoft, Facebook
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    • Microsoft / Eng mantier
      This looks excellent
      May 26
  • Uber ccvdd
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  • Chase sEnejG727
    Nothing to talk about if levels are normal if they’re not you can google solutions anyways
    May 26 0