Any idea for out of state ticket ?

VMware C@$hkau
Jun 9 15 Comments

I have a CA license and got a speeding ticket in Alaska (4 pts). It covers to 1 point in CA. What are my options ? Can get a training school to wave of the points ? Or should I just pay it and live with the points.?


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  • Uber / Eng

    Uber Eng

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    Deferred adjudication.

    If the ticket is legit, plead no contest. Request deferred adjudication if you can - you pay a portion of a fine and agree to a probationary period...which shouldn’t be an issue because you won’t reoffend in the same city since you don’t live there.

    Your driving record stays clean and your insurance isn’t impacted. Not completely sure if this is an option in AK, but you should look into it.

    Best of luck.
    Jun 9 1
    • Google speeding
      Thanks for explaining the option of deferred adjudication. Can it be done remotely ?
      Jul 14
  • New <a/>
    Hire the lawyer, plea not guilty
    Jun 9 2
    • VMware C@$hkau
      Any idea of a lawyer in Bay area that will be willing to take this up ? Have tried contacting some of the online ones but none responded.
      Jun 9
    • New <a/>
      No no. You just google and hire remotely. I never meet with lawyers and you don’t have to cause there is no need really. This is part of how this system work. You get the ticket, you hire a lawyer, they fight the ticket, you end up with ticket dismissed, you might still need to pay the court fee, but no points
      Jun 9
  • Akamai Technologies
    If it’s a first time pt.. it’s better to plead guilty and ask for drive school. Most of the judges are fair and they will allow you to get it off the record with minimal fine and driving school
    Jun 10 2
    • Where and how do I ask this ? I dint want to appear in court. Do I need a lawyer to plead guilty ?
      Jun 10
    • Akamai Technologies
      Write a letter to the county office. Your officer must’ve given you the ticket. Read the instructions for representation via mail
      Jun 10
  • New <a/>
    Never plea guilty and never pay the ticket, don’t listen to other advices, you pay the ticket - you guilty the same moment with all the circumstances. Your insurance premium gonna grow the next month.
    Jun 9 2
    • Akamai Technologies
      Not true.. I know someone plead guilty and the judge waived off her entire fine and dismissed the case asking her to complete drive school only.
      Jun 9
    • New <a/>
      I meant worst case scenario
      Jun 9
  • Oracle / Eng

    Oracle Eng

    Jun 9 1
  • Google fb_regret
    OP what did you do ?

    I also got a ticket in Alaska, I am not sure which traffic school to attend ?

    Please provide your advice
    Jul 13 0
  • Amazon / Sales sauceydude
    One point means nothing for your record or insurance
    Jun 9 0