Any info about Unity compensation ranges?

Microsoft python++
Mar 22 3 Comments

Trying to understand their range of base salary and TC for Senior or Lead Software Engineer roles in Machine Learning.


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  • Unity kb67juv
    Refreshes aren't that rare if you're considered "driving the business forward" ie sales or a higher level manager or involved with the actual company building side of the business
    Mar 23 1
    • Unity kHni
      Yea that’s what I meant by rare.

      Most engineers aren’t gonna get it. “Driving the business forward” is too vague of a qualification. It’s just one of Unity recruiters lingo to give candidates hope.

      They said the same bullshit about target bonus: “we’re working on it and we should have a bonus plan by end of year”
      Mar 23
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    • Microsoft python++
      Thank you. Could you also let me know what is P3 and P4? I am specifically looking for Senior or Lead positions.
      Mar 23