Any insight working for Google fi?

New / IT PGW671
Jun 19 10 Comments

Friendly inquiry.


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  • LinkedIn teststren
    No idea, friendly response
    Jun 19 2
    • Google !any-ist
      Pick up a book !
      Unfriendly counter-response.
      Jun 21
    • Google / Eng Blame Ruth
      Insinuations about the provenance of your mother.
      Jun 21
  • Google @&$)($$$
    Good team IMO
    Jun 21 0
  • eBay JqHU44
    I heard the team within Google fi which integrates with sprint and tmobile gets a lot of customer issue calls and mostly they are issues because of the 2 carriers. As a result the stress and on call is bad ..
    Jun 20 2
    • Google @&$)($$$
      I do not agree with this at all and happen to be “in the know”
      Jun 21
    • Google ugHc25
      3 carriers - US Cellular now too
      Jun 27
  • Google ssTK18
    It's a good team with a very nice leadership. The best you have in comms org.
    Jun 23 1
    • ADARA yjtyjtyjt
      Team matching there. Are they good team to work for?
      Aug 20
  • Google / Ops Huhf13
    Good folks
    Jun 21 0


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