Any one heard of Smartnews?

Yahoo / R&D

Yahoo R&D

May 22 7 Comments

Japan startup. Have offices in SF, NY. Headquartered in Tokyo.

Wondering what’s the culture. Does Japanese important? Anything :)

Twice sponsored international conference trips a year sounds good to me.

Since it’s still a small team now. Can’t share the offer.

TC at Alibaba Hangzhou: 145K (usd)


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  • Tableau / Product

    Tableau Product

    I've heard of it now.
    May 22 0
  • Twitter / Data KC1
    I’m non SWE and worked out of SF office, but I really enjoyed my time there. Company seems to be doing well. Still use the product heavily, bought my options, and stay in touch with the team. I have my doubts about how large they can scale outside of Japan and working across time zones is a pain. But I had a really positive overall experience there.
    Jul 27 2
    • Microsoft excali
      Care to share why you left?
      Aug 22
    • Twitter / Data KC1
      Comp (about 25% increase to then $183k TC), brand name on resume, the friend who referred me worked closely with manager and vouched for Twitter team. Also when I left SmartNews, their analytics infrastructure was still in infancy and I felt the career path was bit too uncertain without established leadership. They have new VPs of Product and Eng who I hear are fixing that. Time zone also played a part since HQ is Tokyo so I had to stay up late for meetings. But overall I would have been perfectly happy to stay and can see myself going back someday if right opportunity pops up.
      Aug 23
  • New l@st
    OP, what level are you in Alibaba? P7?
    May 24 1
    • Yahoo / R&D

      Yahoo R&D

      May 24
  • Intel lisurprise
    What's your final decision? I've just heard that they are setting up the ShangHai office as well.
    Aug 29 0