Any one joining in Palo Alto?

Qualcomm TAWH63
Jun 2 26 Comments

What are your thoughts Anyone joining in Palo Alto? Would like to know as I have a standing offer from them
#argo # autonomousvehicles #atv


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  • New / R&D

    New R&D

    NVIDIA, Adobe
    Their logo is shit sorry. Seems like some agricultural farm.
    Jun 2 0
  • Uber


    Google, Microsoft
    Just a survivor of office politics
    Please don’t join. Heard horror stories from my colleagues who joined there. It is a badly managed company. Being in a remote office doesn’t help either.
    Jun 2 8
    • Samsung samsong
      Things went down ? What happened?
      Jun 28
    • Google / Eng

      Google Eng

      Google, Waymo
      What was the other part of the story ? Did your high perfoming engineer break a rule ? Was he high perfoming as per his perf scores ?
      Jul 13
    • Argo AI argophon guys seem to know more than me. In my opinion it’s a pretty good place to work, and upper management is very involved and reasonable. Maybe there are a few bad managers......but I don’t think it is any different than most tech companies.
      Jul 15
    • LinkedIn / Eng depayser
      Browsing through LinkedIn, it looks like there is a lot of attrition at Argo AI. I see many who have left in 3 to 10 months tenure. Is that not the case in your immediate team?
      Jul 16
    • Argo AI argophon
      No, have not seen much attrition
      Jul 16
  • New


    What was the offer & role?
    Jun 2 6
    • Samsung while1
      What is ur yoe and area of expertise?
      Jun 3
    • Lyft wXfl07
      The stock is worth ZERO. How many AI companies have IPO'd in the history of mankind? I can count them all on one hand .... The field is still a farce and does not earn money ...
      Jun 4
    • Samsung while1
      It can still get acquired
      Jun 4
    • Argo AI

      Argo AI

      It can’t get acquired because Ford owns majority stake of Argo and most likely Ford will acquire it.
      Jun 9
    • Samsung samsong
      I believe this is an llc. Hence already subsidiary of Ford
      Jun 9
  • Uber mach901
    There’s already a lot of competition in this space from Waymo, Cruise (backed by GM), Uber (backed by Toyota), Tesla, list goes on and on.. what’s Argo’s advantage when all these other companies have a head start?
    Jun 2 1
    • New / R&D

      New R&D

      NVIDIA, Adobe
      ArgoAI is backed by Ford and a billion dollars. They are even giving Self-Driving test rides in Miami.
      Jun 2
  • Oracle huluis🎉
    First tell me why do you think that they will win or at least be in top three Companies in the space. If there is no reason, then your stock options are going to be shit.
    Jun 2 2
    • Qualcomm TAWH63
      For an AV company to be successful, they need buy-in form a car manufacturer who is willing to put it in their product. With out that, it is nothing but a glorified science project. As Ford has invested in it, there will be a constant push for Argo to be successful
      Jun 2
    • Samsung samsong
      Did you accepted offer ?
      Jun 28
  • Argo AI dgnf
    The work load on my team is very good in Palo Alto. Some people are parents. Theres people from google, fb, apple, Qualcomm etc.
    Jul 16 0
  • Nvidia NNco88
    Strange to find no one from Argo has inputs here.... ? Or they don't get time to blind..
    Jul 5 0
  • Argo AI UWCA
    How can I help you NNco88?
    Jul 11 0