Any such thing as a positive social network

Microsoft hsisvam
Feb 18 13 Comments

It seems every social network seems to have a negative impact on the user's mental health.

Facebook/Snapchat - Well known.
What's app - I think the status is evolving into that.
Blind - TC or GTFO

And I can't abandon it, it's a disease.

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  • m87hj0v
    Feb 18 0
  • New / Eng sparked
    I think LinkedIn has done a good job (against their own best efforts of turning into FB) at remaining a primary resource for connecting talent with opportunities. Sure there are instances where Jesus memes get posted and what not but the vast majority of users use it solely for its intended purpose with few/no downsides IMO
    Feb 18 1
    • Snapchat / HR

      Snapchat HR

      Amazon, Microsoft, Expedia Group, Concur Technologies, Unity Technologies, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Dropbox, Tune, eBay
      As long as you’re not a woman.
      Feb 19
  • Fiat Chrysler xcleet
    What's the point? You'll be living under a rock if you can't take the red pill. It would be as good as not being on social media.

    Although I'll bite
    Read - it's not social media but it's a community of tech ppl

    Subscribe to particular subreddits - r/aww r/funny r/simracing etc.... There's no guarantee you'll not find vitriolic content in these places but you could curate the feed for your liking. You love flight sims, be part of that sub. You love programming and talking to people about it go to r/python
    Spend time learning something new, join meetups go take a photography class, get to know people.

    But remember you're running away from reality. I think social media is not at fault, us humans are that bad, we were just separated by communication problems.
    Feb 18 1
    • Microsoft hsisvam
      I agree it's humans that make things bad on social networks but there is no such thing as a social network without humans.

      I didn't consider reddit as a social network since you are interacting with people outside your circle. I do agree I feel generally positive after having spent time on it vs other things on the internet.
      Feb 18
  • New / Mgmt VSwf01
    All of them are good to me. It all comes down to how you use it. My Facebook is filled with family and friends. Mostly far away and a few local. Whatsapp has replaced texting. I follow tech people I care about on Twitter. Blind has opened my eyes and will probably have my TC doubled soon. No complaints.
    Feb 19 0
  • Oath ryFJ22
    It is positive if it is real social network with physical people around you and not the online groups. Go join some classes, learn something new. Meet real people. Life will be better then
    Feb 18 0
  • Microsoft
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    Snapchat is very positive.
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  • Google tsukino
    It is possible to have a social network without social media
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  • Microsoft 🚊🎱⚾️
    OP what are the negative sides of Facebook?
    Feb 18 1
  • Facebook / Other Okjngcgfd
    WhatsApp status will probably be that, as long as it remains just people in your contacts
    Feb 18 1


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