Any tips for preparing resume for software engineer for comapnies like Apple, Amazon, Google, Microsoft.

Homeaway / Eng vrhhrbdk
Aug 17 4 Comments

I am looking for opportunites after 3 years in current job. Any tips for preparing resumes for getting calls from big companies would help. Thanks.
(not in bay area)


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  • New Dx7
    Have a look at
    Aug 17 0
  • New nrmlguy
    Talk to whoever screens resumes at VRBO and then do the exact opposite. I applied to Google, Amazon and VRBO. Got offers from both Google and Amazon while VRBO rejected me when I submit my resume (through referral)
    Aug 17 2
    • Homeaway / Eng vrhhrbdk
      Really??? It’s definitely good for you.
      Aug 18
    • New nrmlguy
      Lol yea
      Aug 19