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Any vegan bodybuilders ?

eBay / Engnope ksum
Jan 8

Can you guys share your diet ?


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  • Vertivco / Eng


    Youtube, American Bureau of Shipping, Facebook
    Look up VeganGains on YouTube.
    Jan 82
    • eBay / Engnope ksum
      Thank you
      Jan 8
    • eBay / Engnived
      This channel gave me cancer....the dude is such a douchebag
      Jan 10
  • New TaaT11
    Just become a vegetarian, it's much easier that way cuz dairy products have a good impact on your body building
    Jan 80
  • Medtronic / R&DSnakeDr
    Guessing that such a thing would involve lots on man juice.
    Jan 81
    • New TaaT11
      Dude just shoot a load
      Jan 8
  • New / Other


    Somewhere in the future.
    Jan 91
    • New TaaT11
      Ketogenic cage free Himalayan Water
      Jan 9
  • Amazon ibuddha
    Take inspiration from Virat Kohli
    Jan 91
  • New TaaT11
    Insert Soylent ad here
    Jan 80
  • HuffPost OpenUpShop
    Patrick Baboumian on YT and tons more. John Joseph is hardcore has done multiple triathlons.
    Jan 90
  • Amazon anEbwop
    Yep. I stick to 1-1 ration for my protein (i.e. 1lb = 1 g of protien). I tracked it for first few months using my fitness pal but now it's easy. I usely have one meal with beans, one meal with tofu, and one meal with with either protien powder or other high protein base like soy based yogurt.
    Jan 90
  • Nvidia zVEC05
    Jan 80
  • Microsoft / EngGs4478
    do you guys also do cross fit and run marathons?
    Jan 80

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