Anybody here moved from Boston to Bay Area?

Wayfair hitman047
Nov 16 5 Comments

How much was the jump in your cost of living?

Most online comparisons talk about city of Boston vs city of SF. But the truth is, majority of us (or atleast me) live outside the city where rent is different. So wanted a more accurate comparison.


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  • Intel fghyr
    What do you think about the job market in Boston? I was there recently and loved the city. I would love to move there if the tech job market was decent
    Nov 16 1
    • Wayfair hitman047
      It's growing, but it isn't silicon valley
      Nov 16
  • Lyft IQGu18
    I just moved. The biggest difference for me was the CA taxes. It’s significantly higher and that followed by the high cost of living, I would ask for at least 20-25% higher base salary to cover your living expenses. From a savings perspective, you will need a lot more to buy a decent house. I don’t think there is one formula that fits everyone.
    Nov 17 0
  • Wayfair rpnW26
    If you are single and get around 25-30% jump I would do it. Just moved over to Bay Area for this bump. Taxes are insanely expensive tho
    Nov 17 0
  • Google uzaname
    +30% in my experience
    Nov 16 0


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