Anyone Here Interview Recently with Hudson River Trading?

Datto, Inc. / R&D Klokov_v2
Apr 6 5 Comments

Has anyone here recently interviewed with them for new grad software engineering roles? How was your experience ?

Thank You.


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  • Microsoft hdozuansk
    I managed to screw up my technical phone screen (not even writing code).
    Apr 6 3
    • Microsoft hdozuansk
      This was for Senior positions though.
      Apr 6
    • Datto, Inc. / R&D Klokov_v2
      Sorry to hear that man! How was the codility challenge in terms of toughness?
      Apr 7
    • Microsoft guhjov
      No idea ... Didn't even get a chance to write code yet ...

      I don't actually know I got rejected but I wasn't happy with my performance.
      Apr 7
  • Google L7@AWS
    Thank you
    Apr 6 0


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