Anyone affected by The suspension of premium processing of H1B

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I’m a reporter at the LA Times and I’m doing a story about how some of the changes to the H1b process is affecting the tech industry and tech workers. If you’ve been affected at all either by more rigorous vetting of applications or the delays in the approval process in general, I’d really like to hear your story. I know there are also people who feel tech companies are exploiting the H1b process. I’d love to talk to you in either case. Happy to talk on background.


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  • Google ecarver
    Suspension of premium processing sucks. Has lead to many people deciding not to risk changing jobs or losing job offers as employers are not willing to wait 6 months for a visa transfer. I had to personally change my international travel plans because of the suspension. What this administration is doing to legal immigrants is death by a thousand cuts. Trump should take his H-1B tweet from today and shove it. What he says about legal immigrants and what actually happens to us are completely different things.
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  • Microsoft Micr0s0ft
    Since then we have damn reporters here?
    Jan 11 1
  • Expedia £€
    Got an offer months back in FAANG.

    Affect on me:
    Couldn't able to make a trip to home country.
    Stuck with boring work.
    Stuck with low pay in current company.

    Affect on some of my friends:
    Couldn't able to schedule an interview in other companies as many companies not willing to wait for 6 months.
    Some are highly underpaid are highly exploited by their current companies.

    Affect on companies:
    My team is finding super hard to hire good candidates and in ever ending loop of interviewing candidates for last 6 months.
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  • Microsoft Microsofti
    The suspension doesn’t make any financial sense.
    1. The USCIS lose on the premium processing fee.
    2. Generally people switch jobs for more pay which is more taxes for the Government.
    3.The suspension was put in place to process huge backlog of non premium cases, but the I-129 processing date at CSC has actually retrogressed to Feb 2018.
    Jan 11 0
  • Apple fallout76
    You wait months interviewing and getting a job, then another few months to get H1B transferred, and meanwhile you can’t leave country to visit family because it’s “not recommended”. While your application is getting processed you have to keep doing your current job which you may or may not like, and with the uncertainty that your application may get rejected for whatever reason and you may just have to stay in your current job, putting all that months of hard work in drain. So, even if we pull through the process it’s really stressful state of mind, and I you imagine why many people would procrastinate/avoid switching jobs unconsciously because of all this. And I felt all this when I work for top companies making 250k with 2.5 yoe which is not H1B abuse by any means.
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  • RingCentral


    Yahoo, Oath
    One life to live!
    TC or ....

    Sorry but that is how it is.
    Jan 11 0
  • Groupon / Eng RPmY41
    I'm currently waiting for an H1 transfer. I have an offer on the table and I have the H1 transfer receipt but I'm too scared to join without an actual approval. I'm losing a lot of money in the process because the pay difference is significant.
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  • Oracle Kirby123
    You need to do the needful first, Johanna
    Jan 11 0
  • eBay gvcajn
    I have an offer from one of the top companies and now I am stuck in the visa transfer process since it has been pending for last 3 months. Suspension of premium processing has impacted a lot on my career growth.
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  • New / Other AuntHilda
    There are two easy ways you can get what you want: 1) Blind did a poll and many folks responded. I responded four times and the same poll kept showing up in my notification. If you do ask Blind about that poll result, please ask them to fix that multiple notification bug too. 2) Just browse the work Visa page on Blind and you will easily find 100+ queries about it.
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  • Uber ubr
    i want to talk about poor quality of free food in my company. interested?
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  • Slack / Eng

    Slack Eng

    Looking women Chinese speakers for lunch in SF
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  • Western Digital western_D
    I've been leet coding, studying, interviewing for long time now. Finally landed job at Amazon! Suspension of premium is ridiculous. I’ve been thinking is 250k+ TC is worth taking risk to join on receipt, if I don’t join then I’m not sure when this opportunity will come again.
    So many of us work hard to land in good opportunity. Hopefully premium resumes in February.
    Jan 24 0
  • New Egypt80
    You cover stories on the tech industry? Have you done any on temporary high skilled work visas yet?
    Jan 11 0

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