Anyone else dealing with an eating disorder?

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Mar 24 8 Comments

Started restricting at 12 to get faster at XC, diagnosed AN at 18, but always thought it was “just a kid’s disease”, and that I’d “grow out of it”.

I’m now 26, recently made Senior, and the stress of projects at work and some life changes has me in the midst of a bad relapse. I am struggling to figure out if I’m ever going to get over this and would love to talk to others in a similar situation, recovered or otherwise.

How’d you balance the demands of work and your ED? Do you feel like it’s holding you back in your career? Ever suspect a coworker of struggling also (lots of seemingly compulsive exercisers around)?


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  • Amazon grabrub
    What is xc, an, ed?
    Mar 251
    • Wayfair WUdE10
      Cross country so like running, anorexia and eating disorder.
      Mar 25
  • Microsoft wellala
    Let go of some work. It is ok. If you have mindset that you need to complete all the work, the expectation will only go up and you won’t be able to satisfy anyone. If you cannot deal with it, change the team. No work is worth your health. It can cost much more than you make by getting promoted fast. Also money cannot fix the issue once broken.
    Mar 240
  • fiVn5$!Br
    Do you have someone you can speak to professionally?
    Mar 240
  • Apple industry
    I struggled with an eating disorder and relapse occasionally when in stressful situations. Eating disorders are not to be taken lightly. My recommendation would be to talk to a professional. Blind is not the place for advice on eating disorders.
    Mar 250
  • I have the reverse problem.. not able to eat
    Mar 250
  • Apple pIYg55
    I've dealt with/am overcoming an ED--PM if you’d like to talk. I am younger, though.
    Mar 240

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