Anyone else dealing with imposter syndrome?

Mar 12 14 Comments

I'm starting a new job and I'm scared shitless. I feel like I'm a fraud and don't deserve to be around these amazing people at this amazing company. I'm struggling to not have a freakout. Halp.


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  • PayPal da anomaly
    Come to PayPal. You have zero chance of imposter syndrome once you meet your peers.
    Mar 121
  • Amazon / Other
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    Why the fuck do you think I would put any personal information in an anonymous chat app? You seem really confused, @blind
    / -more
    If you're in the room, you're qualified to be in the room.
    Mar 130
  • Airbnb Nxptngzfw
    Imposter syndrome is real. So many super smart people here. Fake it till you make it.
    Mar 120
  • Airbnb / Engabanico
    I’ve been there. I’ve also felt it some at Airbnb. But they’re probably not as amazing as they seem.
    Mar 122
    • OP
      That's what i thought too but I'm three weeks in and they're still pretty amazing. Still waiting for the shoe to drop 😭
      Mar 12
    • Intel / EngDonaldDD's
      I switched recently within HW, so a different scope. But you should be lost for a few weeks. If anybody could immediately step in to be an expert, then anybody could do the job.

      Ask a lot of questions, it will show that you are proactive and you will learn. The only stupid questions are the ones that aren't asked due to ego.
      Mar 13
  • Microsoft


    Yes and it will get better. You need to find and show your strength, bc not everyone is perfect in all areas. Focus on what makes you a "not imposter"
    Mar 130
  • Oracle DMUe80
    Just take it and keep learning. No one is perfect
    Keep an open mind. Never lose confidence.
    Mar 120
  • Cisco Sipowicz
    Been there a few times. Still feel that way sometimes. Colleagues have told me I’m amazing, knowledgeable, etc. and I’m still surprised. Had to stop the habit of trying to downplay my talents and just accept a compliment with grace. You’ll relax after you’ve been there a few months. Best of luck!
    Mar 120
  • New / Project


    Intel Corporation
    Read How Women Rise by Sally Helhesen and Marshall Goldsmith. While not directly about imposter syndrome, it WILL help you see how/if you’re truly sabotaging yourself.

    I also recommend The First 90 Days by Michael D Watkins. Gives you the framework for success in a new role.
    Mar 260
  • New / Product


    Designer and business development prefers working with innovation teams, design labs. Highly conceptual, communications, motivator and team leader.
    So, welcome to your new life, you belong there, adjust the point of view from your old perfectionist self
    Mar 120
  • Microsoft / EngThicccBoi
    You will acclimate in a few months unless ur doing something super cool imo.
    Mar 120

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