Anyone else use SoFi Money?

Bloomberg bsSlayer
Jul 3 10 Comments

The app is lit af. Instant ATM reimbursement no kidding. This is definitely the first of its kind. Fidelity/Schwab reimburses ATM fees too but it takes 2 days.

Besides the fact they don't support Zelle, is there any drawback? So far SoFi outclasses any other checking account I had.

What is the best checking account in y'all experience?


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  • Amazon / Product TheStreets
    This is not new. Chase does this. I can use any atm globally with any bank without fees.

    Cool to hear the app is dope.
    Jul 3 4
    • Bloomberg bsSlayer
      Chase does this for their Average Joe customers who don't have 2M balance?
      Jul 3
    • Hubspot / Eng hebtidhevh
      Chase is ass don't use it
      Jul 3
    • Amazon i9ju7u
      Chase you need 15k minimum balance to avoid fees. I put all my spare cash in stocks and higher interest accounts like wealthfront. Plus Schwab has great service no matter what level of wealth
      Jul 3
    • BYTON bjJp81
      What’s the return with schwab?
      Jul 3
  • Amazon / Product TheStreets
    Capital one has same thing. I've been using them as they are proactive about giving customers increased % as they come out. Versus the old model of having to inquire about% updates
    Jul 3 0
  • Expedia Lark71
    What is sofi money?
    Jul 3 1
  • Zillow Group zite
    LOL @ zelle
    Jul 4 0
  • BYTON bjJp81
    I get 2.2% with HSBC
    Jul 3 0


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