Anyone ever work for Square Enix?

Wayfair g3ekj6
May 4 6 Comments

I've always loved JRPGs like Final Fantasy and Kingdom hearts. It would be my dream to be able to work on one before I'm too old to explore jobs. Anyone ever work for or had any experience with Square Enix? What was the opportunity like and how did you enjoy your time?


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TOP 6 Comments
  • Oracle strong20
    Are you fluent in Japanese?
    May 4 1
    • American Express D.BCooper
      My friend studied Japanese for a few years before applying as a game translator. Never got the gig. He even lived in Japan as an American.
      May 5
  • Amazon meteo
    My friend tried to apply for Nintendo. You have to write an essay in Japanese to prove you are fluent
    May 4 1
    • Intel omyra
      Simply not true for NOA
      May 4
  • Microsoft / Eng Stack🖕flo
    Does anyone really want to experience the WLB of Japanese game dev? Im guessing its routinely 72 hours straight, 4 hours off, repeat year round.
    May 5 0
  • LinkedIn 黃帝
    Why would work on it now? Final Fantasy is reduced to a pay to win phone game. Big game companies sound like the worst. You get to take some hobby you enjoy and then destroy all love for it.
    May 4 0