Anyone got out of their golden handcuffs successfully??

Facebook kuzzz
Feb 10 14 Comments

Was there a moment you said “ok it’s not worth it”? What was your income/savings ratio?


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  • Google BeataMaria
    Yes. Google went batshit crazy so I quit a few months ago and have been unemployed since. I was there for 5 years and invested what I didn’t need. Spent maybe 20-25k per year? Maybe 30k? I feel like I could live off what I have until I die unless the global economy explodes or something.

    I’m 29, no family, no debt, no property, no health issues. People judge me for being unemployed but all my friends are mired in debt and shit jobs. Meanwhile 90% of people at Google will never quit working until retirement. Their magic net worth number just inflates like the debt ceiling.

    No regrets. Y’all some kinda indentured servants—this little piggy done bought his freedom and ain’t lookin back. I’ll do whatever I want for a while before I move onto whatever I feel like pursuing, which may be “nothing”. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Oh I also stopped paying for health insurance because COBRA or whatever cost like $11,000/yr or something moronic and there was literally no way to figure out what I was actually paying for. Not going to work just for the “privilege” of having this covered when I never go to doctors anyway. The concerned ‘rents tried to sign me up for the cheapest Obamacare package but the website didn’t work 😂🤣🙃. If I get hit by a bus or catch the aids maybe I’ll lose all my savings. But they won’t find my crypto. And also, idgaf.

    Imho: good, fulfilling job > debt-free unemployment > all other employment
    Feb 10 8
    • Facebook Toki74u
      DM me. Let’s go on a date.
      Feb 10
    • Google BeataMaria
      Nah I had great times at Google for the first few years. Got a lot out of it plus the money. And now I know how high the bullshit’s stacked in our corporate-owned society.

      Pre-SJW google was actually my favorite... I fit in so well 😭 RIP in pieces...
      Feb 10
    • MathWorks uyG5et
      Can you talk more about 'Google going crazy?'
      Feb 10
    • Microsoft 🚊🎱⚾️
      Seems like Troll. Making fun of others.
      Feb 10
    • Google BeataMaria
      It’s nothing you haven’t seen I’m sure, but when I joined google the culture was much more open and imo honest. Engineers on several occasions pushed back against bad product decisions from management (think Blogger adult content or real names). I felt like management in general cared about us lowly employees, and that the company fwiw did strive to not be evil. Now people say this is naive, but all that shit is what made google what it is. Now it’s another disingenuous short term profit-seeking corporate fiefdom. Products are shittier, potential for oppression is high, perks are worse. What was the benefit?

      Internal debates rarely spread beyond the Eng-misc forum, leaks were uncommon, and all political perspectives were openly discussing everything. My team was very diverse and everyone respected each other because the hiring bar was the same (though actually there was even debate about some relatively minor policies like women getting a 2nd look before rejection). Now everyone sits in silence, every day there’s some bullshit outrage, SJW orthodoxy dominates everything. People are fired for jokes, microaggressions, and wrongthink, adults are treated like babies, and people don’t let loose at all. Count my drinks at the holiday party?

      Also, I was working on lots of projects with really well intentioned and competent developers in S and SE Asia. The cost cutting really fucked over a lot of NBU projects, but not in a sensible, efficiency-minded way, just because some dickwad exec decided that was the thing to do, and that’s final. We’re censoring everything and everyone is busy talking about fucking pronouns. YouTube said to stop hiring White and Asian men. We block people from their accounts with no recourse. We silence alternative media.

      And everyone is so afraid to say anything I have to come to blind to give my honest opinion.

      “Seems like Troll. Making fun of others.” The primate who posted this would fit in well at today’s Google Inc., an Alphabet Subsidiary (TM)*.
      Feb 11
  • OpenTable Meliodas
    Yes, many times.

    The startup wasn’t getting traction, so we shut it down. Then, years later sold the domain name for mid-six figures to recoup our investment.

    Another time, my husband was burned out, so we sold his law firm and consulting company.

    Our expenses have always been less than one income, so we either lived off of one income for a while, or had six+ months of living expenses saved up.

    We live in SF, so your situation may vary.
    Feb 10 2
    • Microsoft gfba68
      Neither of those seem to be golden handcuff situations
      Feb 10
    • OpenTable Meliodas
      Well run law firms are cash cows. Monthly distributions of $20K-$50K gets addictive fast.
      Feb 10
  • Amazon Aovy20
    Worked for Amazon for 6 years. Saved $425,000. Moved back to india and exploring alternate career options. Never been happier.
    Feb 21 0
  • What situation are you in? I received mine and I'm not sure what to do
    Feb 10 0