Anyone has tried Athlean-X

Google / Eng yogi bear
Jan 31 5 Comments

is Jeff's program as good as it is advertised? he seems to know what he is talking about in his videos.


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  • Lowe’s <3
    He's pretty good, but some of his self glorfiying and hate on anyone else is annoying. He clearly doesn't know the science behind a lot of his stuff and makes assumptions passing them off as science.

    Overall though he's not bad.
    Jan 31 0
  • Microsoft naaam
    Never tried/will try paid but his free videos are one of the best. No bs, self praise. Just gets to topic which is hard with youtubers these days
    Jan 31 0
  • Wayfair thehacker
    Don’t buy into any of those premium fitness plans. Just go to reddit start out with PPL then you can find some good strength building routines after you get your body in shape
    Jan 31 0
  • Apple / Eng MojaveX
    His free stuff is great! I never joined his paid program though
    Jan 31 0
  • Datadog New Relic
    Don’t recommend, can’t fly now
    Jan 31 0