Anyone have BTC!!!???!!!

Wells Fargo qjSi12
Jun 26 18 Comments

Bitcoin is going up!! Maybe it wasn’t too bad of an investment?



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  • Intel pDhw55
    i bought 7 today! Good low to buy. Next high gonna be at least 20k.
    Jun 27 3
    • Symantec


      does it matter?
      I know someone who used to say this and also hoped it will go 60K.
      They are now crying.
      Jun 29
    • PayPal amqBlindd
      Where do you sell?
      Jul 1
    • BBDO sxYo02
      Paypal - you sell on exchanges such as Coinbase or Gemini - they typically limit your ability to cash it in for fiat currency though - which is the catch.
      Jul 1
  • / Eng QXHR44
    I'm barely breaking even, from last year's spike. I'm still going to hold and I plan on buying more once it goes down again.

    My opinion is if the US goes into war or a huge economic crisis happens, crypto will be the stable currency to hold on to. Especially if the dollar weakens, all crypto will go up in a proportionate price.
    Jun 26 2
    • “Crypto will be stable” lol
      Jun 26
    • It’s been crazy volatile so far, but all we need is a war or economic crisis to bring stability!
      Jun 26
  • Symantec krax0r
    Only ETHER.
    Jun 26 0
  • Amazon 10022004
    I use bitcoin to buy drugs online so I’ve always had a healthy amount. This is good news for me in general.
    Jun 26 0
  • Capital One Tealesman
    I just bought at $13k yesterday!!!!!!
    Jun 27 0
  • U.S.Bank uJrV22
    by investment you mean speculation. bitcoin has gone from an interesting idea to series of speculative bubbles. bitcoin cash BCH is along the lines of that original vision, although not that many people are interested in non-fiat competitor anyway. they just use crypto to complete with beanie babies and lottery tickets.
    Jun 27 0
  • Symantec / Eng Mr._RIF
    Until it crashes again. Tried it but was too volatile for me. I personally wouldn't invest a lot of money on it
    Jun 26 1
    • Facebook / Eng

      Facebook Eng

      Yes. Not more than 100k
      Jun 26
  • Better to mine than to buy
    Jun 29 0
  • Airbnb motortesla
    Jun 28 0
  • Travelers dUEM01
    BTC, ETH all you need. Block the noise and hodl.
    Jun 27 0
  • PayPal '/*U+130BA
    I bought 4 btc at 1k... 😛😛
    Jun 27 0
  • Marqeta / Eng ' '
    He bought?

    Dump it.
    Jun 26 0