Anyone here taken codility test with Flatiron Health in NYC ?

BlackRock Lary
Feb 24 6 Comments

What was your experience?


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  • I had a phone screen with them a year back. Got a count islands question and I solved it, but got rejected, the feedback I was slow :/
    Feb 24 3
    • BlackRock Lary
      I just took the code test ... 2 questions in 2 hrs abs each question had super long problem statements and tear data had scenarios not mentioned in the question. I’m pretty sure I’m not going thru either ...
      Feb 24
    • FactSet


      Bridgewater Associates
      Omfg. @sup-bruh I had a similar experience. I solved the same question but with about 20 minutes left on the clock. The guy was pretty happy and I provided a ton of interesting test cases, but still got rejected.
      Feb 24
    • New 'Murica
      Damn. May be they wanted someone to do in 15 mins like a Facebook interview.
      Feb 24
  • Bloomberg ready
    Their online judge problems are pretty hard, phone interview is relatively simpler to me.
    Feb 24 1
    • BlackRock Lary
      I got 2 cancer problems that I thought needed 2 hours each and not in total 😑
      Feb 24