Anyone here working at a Retail store as management?

New jvAsNl
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How much do you guys make? Mind sharing TC?


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    New Mgmt

    Location, company, size of store, etc. all matters. Glassdoor is pretty accurate though if they have multiple responses with the ranges.

    My best friend makes $190,000+ base, manages hundreds of ppl in $80M+ business. Bonus was $150k+, stock $200k+ in a year.

    Basically the high volume, high dollar retailers like Ikea, Target, Costco, Walmart, Apple, etc. pay very very well and it's a way more stressful job than engineer. Super Walmart or Super Targets doing $100-200M+ those GM's make $250k+ base and $500k+ bonuses and stock a year (if they hit and exceed their targets)
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    • T-Mobile sIKt17
      Looks like I need to get into one of those positions!
      Oct 20
  • HBO / IT dhein03
    Location also matters
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  • Amazon wAEN05
    I once worked at retail as a store manager in 2012. A store manager earns approximately 45k - 60k depending on the location, and the brand. Stores like Apple, Microsoft, Best-buy pay a little bit higher than other retail stores such as clothing, food, accessories, etc.
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