Anyone know about Qualcomm Canada/Markham?

Microchip hODr27
Mar 19 4 Comments

Recently received offer from Qualcomm Canada/Markham. Anyone can share some information about there? Does they layoff a lot? @Qualcomm


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  • Qualcomm / R&D

    Qualcomm R&D

    Did an imaging project with them years back. If it's the mdp group, it's an assembly line of cores with slightly different specs. You could be working on three projects at once, one in definition, one in development and one in implementation (backend), all derivatives of each other.
    Mar 20 0
  • Qualcomm / Eng trieop
    I think Qualcomm has been relatively calm so far. 2015-2016 was when the major layoffs hit. Markham does a bit on the graphics/display side of stuff. And recently they also do some of the machine learning work. Have you negotiated level/tc?
    Mar 19 0
  • Qualcomm / Eng hjklg
    OP, what's your current YOE and received offer look like? Did you end up accepting?
    Mar 24 0
  • Qualcomm


    Intel Corporation, STMicroelectronics
    It depends on Which group & role ?
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