Anyone noticing micromanagement in chase?

Chase abari
Jan 7

We have been asked to send weekly Jira tickets to our boss starting this week. Given logic is some ppl have more work load than others and probably want to balance that. However, I realized that Jira tickets mail been sent to few folks in the team but not to older guys on the project let's say couple of years. Does it sound fishy or time to look for something else?


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  • Twitter 🐒。
    Can you fix bugs pls?
    Jan 80
  • Yeah, I notice it. Way too much micromanagement for me. Especially against Eurasians with Papuans roots.
    Jan 80
  • New DuQvV7x
    Doesn’t this depend entirely on your manager & org?
    Jan 80
  • Intercontinental Exchange ArcYvb
    Isn’t Chase moving towards Larger-Scale Scrum (LeSS)?
    Jan 81
  • Pinger create💻
    Can't the boss go to Jira to see tickets directly?
    Jan 80
  • Intel UGeJ58
    Get ready for a round of layoffs. They can do aggregate tracking to make t easier to PiP people
    Jan 81
    • Chase flaw600
      Layoffs aren’t in the works - they’d rather freeze pay and hiring than lay people off
      Feb 23
  • Salesforce U mad Bro?
    You could work at Wells Fargo
    Jan 90
  • Chase Abdrg
    I’m wondering if it’s one or two teams’ managers doing that, or bigger than that.
    Jan 80
  • Dell $-89!?
    Agreed. Layoffs are coming there
    Jan 80
  • Chase Mom22Many
    You mean your not used to micro management at Chase?
    Jan 80
  • Capital One EXwk33
    If you leave Chase and like banks Captial One is always hiring 🤣
    Jan 80

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