Anyone planning to try Nokia’s mesh WiFi?

T-Mobile lHab63
Jul 9 6 Comments


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  • T-Mobile / Design 9e72p1nq
    Is this WIFI 6?
    Jul 10 0
  • Nokia IFKG33
    Pulled the trigger on Beacon 3. Will report on performance by comparing it with Google Wifi when I get my hands on it. Google WiFi doesn’t get you more than 70Mbps on the repeaters although the base can get you the max speed provided by your ISP which kinda sucks for the $250 you spend on the 3 node mesh. Hopefully Beacon 3 with AC3000 does a better job.
    Jul 11 1
    • Nokia IFKG33
      Beacon 3 performs much better than GoogleWifi. I get 250Mbps on wire and was only getting 120Mbps or so on the main node and 70Mbps on the other two nodes in the mesh although the Google WiFi App showed perfect coverage on the mesh.

      I installed Nokia Beacon 3 on the same locations and I’m getting 150Mbps or higher everywhere at home now on both an iPhone and a Pixel 3. Their web interface even lets you select a device and beam form to focus coverage for those devices which was interesting but I haven’t tested it enough to say it’s any good.
      Jul 13
  • T-Mobile hvjgzO
    Are Nokia ppl even on Blind?
    Jul 9 1
    • Nokia IFKG33
      Why wouldn’t we? We have a lot to complain too you know
      Jul 10