Anyone received RFE recently?

Salesforce G_H_J
Mar 12 13 Comments

Did anyone receive RFE(on specialty occupation) recently for H1B transfer application to Microsoft? How did the lawyers handle it? Did they ask you to fill out any information or did they take care of it completely?


BS- electrical, MS- Computer Engg
Position: SDE 2


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  • Yes, see my post:
    Still in progress. They did ask me for documents (academic course details).
    Mar 136
    • Expedia epx
      They asked u for more documentation after submitting details on specialty occupation? Or is submitting academic details part of your initial RFE?
      Mar 13
    • They haven't submitted the response to the RFE yet. They asked me for more docs as part of response preparation.
      Mar 13
    • Expedia epx
      Oh man. You filed in October and still have to wait to move. That sucks.
      Mar 13
    • Expedia epx
      I had an RFE this month. So, could take 2 months then for me.
      Mar 13
    • Salesforce G_H_J
      Expedia- What was the rfe about?
      Mar 13
    • Expedia epx
      Not 100% sure. Attorney wasn't very specific on what RFE it is but said they would need some additional info from me and the company (filed for h1 transfer). So, I think it would be specialty occupation.
      Mar 13
  • Microsoft user_micro
    Did they take care of it and not did they took. Good luck!
    Mar 122
    • Salesforce G_H_J
      Edited. Thank you.
      Mar 12
    • / Eng


      A coder dreams of working in FLG everyday
      Mar 13
  • Intel kryptonite
    Did you get an rfe?
    Mar 130
  • Apple / Engpikapika7
    Are you an engineer?
    Mar 120
  • Bank of America agsgt
    What is your profile?
    Mar 120

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