Anyone selling a car under $15000?

Amazon vkvtn3
May 18 20 Comments

Planning to use it for a year or two.
Location: Bay area

Please DM


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  • I just bought a Tesla and I'm selling my comvertible Z4 in the exchange. It's a 2004 but with only 108k miles. Runs pretty well, no issues and really fun to drive. Since I don't wanna deal with used cars salespeople nor have the time to sell it on craigslist, I agreed to give it in exchange for $4k. If you pay more I'm happy to sell it to you.
    May 18 14
    • lol, would you go to the dmv for $2?
      May 18
    • Google SonJnow
      4003 and I'll pay for your Uber pool to dmv.

      Take it or leave it.
      May 18
    • Sorry! I really hate the DMV and wouldn't go there for less than $500.
      May 18
    • Workday / Product metallica
      Only 108k miles. On a BMW. Lmao.
      May 18
    • Google SonJnow
      May 18
    • Guys let me clarify, I don't give a shit if you don't want to buy it or if you want to negotiate on price or whatever. I"m completely fine trading it in and not having any inconveniences. I didn't even post it on craigslist.
      May 18
    • Google SonJnow
      May 18
    • Google SonJnow
      Alright alright.

      I can do 4006.
      May 18
    • Square / Eng SQ
      Someone's bored tonight
      May 18
    • New / Product

      New Product

      I'm willing to buy sir.
      May 24
  • Dropbox HCJC10
    I am selling a convertible bmw 128i
    Low mileage - have barely used it in past 3 years and just added a new bmw original battery
    May 18 1
  • Yes. I'm selling a Honda Accord 2015, black color.
    May 18 1
  • AMD USCu25
    Selling 2001 Acura MDX $3000.00 cash only
    May 19 0

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