Anyone use Marcus?

PwC hVaseL
Apr 11 15 Comments

I know GS probably lol has the best tech team out of the banks I think, but never saw anyone that uses Marcus. How's the Marcus team doing? Is it really like working at FAANG?


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  • Goldman Sachs not_Lloyd
    give us a break. we’ve only just begun.
    Apr 111
    • Goldman Sachs theNapa
      The idea is to making banking completely online!
      Apr 11
  • Bloomberg WPslayer
    > GS probably lol has the best tech team out of the banks.

    Not a great guess. But they got the best slang programmers on the street.
    Apr 112
    • Bank of America biggie8
      GS is small and has a culture of paying got top tech talent -- unfortunately most banks think of tech like janitorial staff -- required support only
      Apr 11
    • Bloomberg WPslayer
      Goldman has big honking database. And a proprietary programming language to access it.

      Sure they got a lot of money to pay people they think are talented. They aren’t leading the race to automate the trading process.
      Apr 11
  • Apple fruitco334
    Good rates. I earned more interest in 1 month than the last 5 years with bofa. BofA specialist asked me why I was moving all my money and I said I got 2.25 APY and she looked at me shocked. Seeya!
    Apr 112
    • Chase Galaxy009
      Exactly same with me! Moved all my money from BofA to Marcus!
      Apr 11
    • Credit Karma zxcbgfhhb
      Ditto, for savings you access rarely it’s a no brainer IMO - the “premium” bullshit you get at a brick & mortar bank is useless.
      Apr 11
  • Moody's jjWn54
    Good rates. I use it.
    Apr 110
  • “Use” M? Or work at M?
    I use M.
    Good rates.
    Online app didn’t allow me to add my wife because they couldn’t verify identity.
    No mobile app.
    Apr 110
  • Personal Capital ffaa88
    Watch out, we’re coming
    Apr 121
  • PayPal OldIsNew
    Apr 110
  • Credit Karma iDNY27
    It is so easy to use - when compared to the likes of Lending Club (has 10,000 screens before they give you your money)

    With Marcus I got my loan amount approved in 7-8 mins had max of 3 steps (literally).
    Apr 110
  • US Bank LkYl04
    I use GS for rates and I am pleased. My only complaint is they don’t do custodial accounts for minors so for my sons savings, I use Discover since it also has mobile deposit/custodial. Makes in-laws checks easier to deposit as they come in his name.
    Apr 110

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