Anyone use Roku?

Roku Ostl57
Jul 10 29 Comments

Is roku like chromecast? What exactly does roku do, and who is it for? Is this for people who want to stream on their tv?

*Just wanted to make sure folks here know who we are!


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  • Atlassian d@t_person
    It’s like a shitty version of Apple TV
    Jul 10 5
    • Susquehanna International / Eng Kristaps11
      As ugly as it is I gotta give it to the Roku remote. It feels better using it in the hand.
      Jul 10
    • Oracle dgoncfk
      +1 roku remote is very good
      Jul 10
    • Verizon Media sxSG85
      Roku remote is much better
      Jul 11
    • Atlassian d@t_person
      Maybe I was using an old version but I much prefer Apple TV remote. Lots of features that most ppl
      Don’t even know about
      Jul 11
    • Netflix IqIq58
      You have not idea what you are saying - Roku destroys Apple TV in so many ways that is embarrassing - Roku UHD is some of the best streaming devices out there.
      Jul 15
  • Wish / IT schmeeza
    Love our Rokus, every TV in the house has or is one (RokuTV). I think it's the best smart TV platform. Many services, YouTube and even a local media player app for side loading local content. Nothing invasive about the platform, it doesn't listen to you constantly (like Amazon, Google or Samsung TVs do) and has a single ad on the home screen.
    Jul 10 0
  • Intel / Eng drunkmonk
    Roku is a smart TV platform like how Android/iOS is for phones.
    It supports most apps and has a spread of free channels. Casting stuff to your TV is also super simple. I've used Amazon fire, Apple TV, Samsung TV, but liked Roku the best for it's versatility and compatibility with different platforms. It does things that Chromecast does, with some more features. This is imo.
    Jul 10 0
  • Intel / Eng drunkmonk
    Why do I get the feeling this is some weird customer survey that we all fell trap to?
    Jul 10 3
    • Amazon / Eng Yolo!
      Exactly 😂
      Jul 10
    • Cohesity elbro
      You're right... We've been had.
      Jul 11
    • Wells Fargo seeyeeyeo
      Jul 11
  • Atlassian d@t_person
    My experience with roku has been bad. Super slow. Maybe because it was an old version?

    I love Apple TV because of all the nice integrations with Apple apps and products.
    Jul 10 1
    • Amazon TRuc81
      Still impossible to cast a video from mac browser to Apple TV :(
      Jul 10
  • HBO


    Username is an insult for Jonah Ryan (Veep!) that didn’t make it to air.
    I second that.

    After working in Brightscript for one day I wished that company would die in a fire and take their underpowered plastic Fischer-Price “MyFirstTv” streaming boxes with them.

    Never hated working on anything so much.
    Jul 14 0
  • Fox News / Eng

    Fox News Eng

    15 YOE in Java, includes 8 YOE in Android.
    From usage perspective yes roku >>> appletv >>> chromecast >>> firetv. From a development perspective it's a different order. appletv >>> chromecast >>> firetv / androidtv >>> roku.
    Roku does not have any advanced ide support or dev toolchain. component graphs and scene graphs are very complicated to follow for a novice dev.
    Jul 12 0
  • Sirius XM / Mktg MktgNalsis
    Roku >> fire >>>>>>>>chromecast
    Jul 11 0
  • Verizon Media sxSG85
    I like Roku. Gets the job done. I fucking hated Apple tv. Shittiest piece of overpriced skunk ever.. god my blood is already boiling. Fuck apple tv
    Jul 11 0
  • Netflix KQCO05
    Don't you work with Roku?
    Jul 11 0
  • Amazon / Eng Yolo!
    You’re at Roku, you should be let go for not knowing this :)
    Jul 10 0
  • Cohesity elbro
    Newer versions are super quick, and RokuTV is as convenient as I can imagine any other platform is. Only complaint I have is around the app for Android, the keyboard doesn't sync well with what's on the screen so you end up just selecting one letter at a time. Everything else is sublime.
    Jul 10 0
  • Wells Fargo seeyeeyeo
    I use Fire now and like it better than Roku
    Jul 10 2
    • Roku


      Yahoo, Oath
      Hahaah. Joke!
      Jul 10
    • Pandora / Eng kitkat112
      I switched from FireTV to Roku because the Plex app sux on Fire. I get the impression that Roku is higher on the priority list for most engineering teams... I could be wrong. Plex sucks on Android (FireTV)
      Jul 11
  • Apple aleG37
    I use roku to search for my son’s fave show (pj masks). It then shows me a few options, I learned that Netflix will no longer have them so i ended up subscribing to Disney plus for $10 per month. Do you guys (roku) get a cut from Disney for my transaction?

    If so then your future is bright. Many parents are ditching Netflix for Disney.
    Aug 16 0
  • New pHzb62
    I like it because of the porn channel options others don't have
    Aug 7 0
  • Netflix nflxeng
    Roku is good but I don’t like the interface much. With 5 ft screen showing only 9-12 apps at a time? Also so much wasted space for their advertisement. I hope they get some innovation in their UI
    Jul 11 0
  • Verizon Media ojsdh
    Roku is much better experience than Chromecast.
    Jul 11 0
  • Amazon / Eng TkRY72
    I don't have one with the remote, but I've considered getting one a couple times just for the headphones. But I've got fire TVs on my main consumption TVs.
    Jul 10 0