Anyone wanna get steaks at John Howie

Cisco Infensus
Jan 2 25 Comments

Don't want to dine alone but I love good food. I'm a guy btw.


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  • Microsoft richardhea
    At least try some good food? Steaks are the poster child of boring and bland.
    Jan 2 3
    • Try having a steak that isn't well done and from golden corral.
      Jan 2
    • Reddit nononoyes
      ^ steaks are amazing when they are high quality and cooked right
      Jan 2
    • Microsoft richardhea
      Right, so that besides bland and tasteless, it’s also disgusting.
      Jan 2
  • Google / Other

    Google Other

    Flagged by the community
    Go vegan. Save the animals, save the planet, save yourself.
    Jan 2 4
    • Feed lots are stupid and need to go away, I'll give you that. But turning the world vegan requires turning land that's only good for grazing into farming fields and destroying the natural habitats that already exist. You're also killing thriving ecosystems and killing countless native animal and insect population over and over again and farming until the land goes fallow and that easily creates more deserts.

      Every vegan meal in the stores has animal blood on it's hands and is slowly destroying the planet. Grazing, pasture-raised animals have been restoring fallow, crop destroyed areas more to their original native state.

      And to top it off, meat is really good for you.
      Jan 2
    • Microsoft pJcW86
      Starve yourselves. Fats from plants can kill you. Plants have feelings and pain too. #ThinkOfThePlants
      Jan 2
    • Amazon Tough life
      Read the plant paradox. I choose my plants carefully and have seen significant improvement in joint pain and skin. I also gave up dairy and wheat as they are highly inflammatory for me.
      Jan 2
    • Microsoft lalalond
      @toughlife you may want to consult with rheumatologist if you have joint pain. Ankylosing spondylitis occurs to young people and biological med like Humira can do wonders.
      Jan 4
  • You're buying
    Jan 2 0
  • Intel / Eng 10% ESPP!
    Good luck.

    Edit, you should clarify that you are not paying for your date.
    Jan 2 0
  • MuleSoft Damndaniel
    Damn daniel!
    Jan 2 4
  • IBM ooei73
    Please upload pictures
    Jan 2 1
  • Microsoft / Eng Tier 1
    John Howie steaks are overrated
    Jan 2 1
    • Microsoft YwWb48
      Possibly, but their wagyu steak was the best meat I've evvvvvvver had.... I am now bankrupt because of it, but almost worth it.
      Jan 2
  • Vertivco / Eng

    Vertivco Eng

    Youtube, American Bureau of Shipping, Facebook
    Is this in Orlando?
    Jan 2 1
  • Samsung octave
    Try Katsu Burger in Bellevue :)
    Jan 2 0
  • Amazon Tough life
    Are you paying or Cisco ?
    Jan 2 0
  • Google JohnMcPop2
    Jan 2 0

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